Best Paper Award

Prototypical Classifier for Robust Class-Imbalanced Learning

Tong Wei, Jiang-Xin Shi, Yu-Feng Li, Min-Ling Zhang


Best Student Paper Award

PGADA: Perturbation-Guided Adversarial Alignment for Few-shot Learning Under the Support-Query Shift

Siyang Jiang, Wei Ding, Hsi-Wen Chen, Ming-Syan Chen


Best Application Paper Award

Extreme Multi-Label Classification with Hierarchical Multi-Task for Product Attribute Identification

Jun Zhang, Menqian Cai, Chenyu Zhao, Xiaowei Zhang, Zhiqian Zhang, Haiheng Chen, Sulong Xu


Most Influential Paper Award

Towards Linear Time Overlapping Community Detection in Social Networks

Jierui Xie, Boleslaw K. Szymanski


Distinguished Research Contributions Award

Prof. Geoff Webb, Monash University, Australia


Early Career Research Award

Prof. Tanmoy Chakraborty IIIT Delhi, India